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LUNA TUNE launch test !🚀🌛

Preview to a journey to the moon and back.

My new exhibition is different, inspired by songs written about the moon and 28 weeks long...


Week 1 of 28: Man on the Moon - REM - 1992

My favourite line from this brilliant song has always been "Andy are you goofing on Elvis" and even though it might sounds like a fun observation the real meaning, like in most of the lyrics, is a lot darker.

It actually refers to a conspiracy theory that comedian Andy Kaufman, for whose biopic the song was written, faked his death in 1984 just like Elvis did in 1977 ...because you know Elvis is still alive, don't ya!

The moonlanding of 1969 is the title conspiracy theory of the song. Jim Carry became just a little too obsessed with Kaufman, as seen in the documentary "Jim & Andy: The Great Byond" but brilliantly captured the late comedian's eccentric style.

The song was released to critical acclaim but only went to number one in Iceland.

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