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Cast & Crew is a collection of hand cut stencil portraits of popular culture and celebrity icons.

I started this collection in 2008 with an initial list of 1000 and it has since grown to over 3000.

I am still adding new portraits to the collection regularly.

Hand-cut stencil portraits, 7.5cm x 11cm each 
Spray paint and acrylic on wood. 
Available on order with images from the catalogue    
Header Pic-Sharpened.jpg


The original concept took me 18 month to complete, and a staggering 1 000 stencils were cut. The conceptual tagline was “From God to Paris Hilton and everyone in between”. This was a labour-intensive ode to the richness and diversity of popular culture, not only across the globe but eventually also focusing in on South Africa.


As one exhibition lead to another, more “icons” were added and focused genres emerged. The estimated current tally is close to 4 000.


The Original “Cast & Crew” Exhibition – Alex Hamilton Studio Woodstock

“Cast & Crew”   - Godart Gallery, Johannesburg

“Amper Almal\Almost Everyone” – KKNK Arts Festival

“Amper Almal” – Fried Contemporary, Pretoria

“Home is where the Art is” – Sydney, Australia

Studio Interior 1.jpg
Studio Interior 5.jpg

Permanent installation of CAST & CREW icons in my Woodstock studio

KKNK Insallation view.jpg

AMPER ALMAL | ALMOST EVERYONE exhibition at KKNK Arts Festival, Oudtshoorn


AMPER ALMAL | ALMOST EVERYONE PRETORIA exhibition at Fried Contemporary, Pretoria

Sydney installation2.jpg
Sydney installation1.jpg

HOME IS WHERE YOUR ART IS Exhibition in Sydney, Australia

C&C Installation view2-HR.jpg

CAST & CREW the original exhibition in my Woodstock Studio


CAST & CREW at GODART Gallery, Johannesburg

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