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Last year a DJ saved my life 2021

I turned to music.

It has always played a very important part in my creative process, but it has also been my therapy, my escape, my emotional well-being and my pure joy. Essentially an ode to the visual art of album covers, this exhibition celebrates my favorites. 



Acrylic on canvas

100 x 100cm

Joggie album covers

Hand cut stencil, spray paint and acrylic on wood

25 x 25cm

Variable edition of 10



Acrylic on canvas

90 x 90cm



Acrylic on canvas

60 x 60cm



Acrylic on canvas

180 x 135cm

Anchor 1


In the bleak opening line of the July 1969 release of the one-hit-wonder song “In the year 2525” by Zager and Evans, it asks the poignant question ”if man is still alive?” and goes on to predict the distant future in a serious of blatantly bizarre scenarios. Never before in the lifespan of this song, exactly one month younger than myself, has it been more relevant than in the early months of 2020’s Covid 19 pandemic chaos.

Everyone I know panicked in their own way, from anger to despair and a whole lot of uncertainty mixed in, the reality of man’s demise was never more palpable. Everyone also coped in his or her own way. Some baked, some wrote and some switched onto social media while others avoided it like the plaque, or at least tried to.

I turned to music.

Music has always played a very important part in my creative process, but it has also been my therapy, my escape, my emotional well being and my pure joy. Trapped in a very small apartment during the first few months of lockdown I turned to mainly Spotify and made a few hundred different play lists within the first few weeks and in the process dove head first into finding some of the most obscure hits from all eras and new genres of music I had never even heard about before. It worked and occupied my curiosity, sense of adventurous research and often kept me from fretting about reality.

I used music to cope and stay at home safely and it aided me in dealing with the challenges. Luckily a fabulous soundtrack now accompanied all the problems and worries.

This exhibition is therefore a thank-you-tribute-exhibition to celebrate and acknowledge the absolute power of song, the extraordinary musicians who create this wonder and most prominently the albums they made to tell complete and complex stories.It is also a celebration of the by now almost extinct art of Album Covers which played such an important role in my early visual language development.

As a long time collector, admirer of and complete album art enthusiast I had the great pleasure to create my very own album art in 2018 when I designed the cover for one of my favorite bands ever. Can't Stop by Freshlyground was a complete dream come true job and I am including a stencil artwork of this album to acknowledge the importance it played in my career and aspiration as a pop artist.

The exhibition consist of two parts: one will be a new series of stencil artworks ( similar to Cast and Crew of 2008) of all of my favorite and iconic Album Covers and the second is a few paintings reinterpreting a selection of these covers. 

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