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Week 8 of 28 Moondance - Van Morrison(1970)


A longform art exhibition about the moon and the music it has inspired.

Apart from "written in August 1969" (Yes THAT August 1969) and musically based on a jazz saxophone live rift Morrison often performed this hit song's origin is not very well documented. It is simply a brilliant love song inspired by the moonlanding?

Well it also contains the wonderfully rare word "FANTABULOUS!". A word I thought only used by fantastically vibrant and magical creatures like Drag Queens, Powerpuff Girls and Unicorns but alas has it's first documented use as early as 1953 and pops up in popular culture with an album called "Fantabulous" by jazz musician Olivier Nelson in 1964 and the Italian French Superhero Crime Thriller Film "Fantabulous Inc.", starring Richard Harrison in 1968.

So isn't this a "Fantabulous" song after all?

For more tales and trivia about Moonsongs scroll back on my podcast and too see the work from this exhibition click here: LUNA TUNE

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