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Week 3 of 28: Tears from the Moon - Conjure One

Week 3 of 28: Tears from the Moon - Conjure One (featuring Sinead O'Connor) - 2002

According to an old proverb, to ask for something almost impossible is to ask the moon to cry.

Just a few days ago Sinead O'Conner, the Irish, often "controversial" singer with the incredible voice used the following quote from poet Mary Oliver to announce her retirement and commitment to deal with her difficulties:

"I must save the only life I can"

Sadly this sentiment currently rings true for a lot of creative people and the step forward has never been more challenging.


Join me tomorrow morning on Instagram, Facebook and my website for the release of a new painting from my LUNA TUNE exhibition.

Much Luna Love


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Carola Koblitz
Carola Koblitz
Jun 11, 2021

My favourite so far! Absolutely beautiful!

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