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Week 2 of 28: The Whole of the Moon - The Waterboys - 1985

Alex Hamilton's LUNA TUNE

I think it is only fitting to kick off the June part of my new longform exhibition with a song with the beautiful opening line of

"I pictured a rainbow".

Happy Pride Month Everybody!

This epic song by British-Irish band The Waterboys is essentially about seeing the big picture and contains several wonderfully visual filigrees of lyrics refering to unicorns and cannonballs, Brigadoon, scimitars and scarves.

How brilliant an inspiration.

Join me tomorrow morning on Instagram, Facebook and my website for the release of a new series of artworks from my LUNA TUNE exhibition.

Much Luna Love


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Carola Koblitz
Carola Koblitz
Jun 11, 2021

Excellent, beautiful work! Stunning, stunning, stunning.

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