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Week 5 of 28: La Luna - Belinda Carlisle (1989)

Alex Hamilton's LUNA TUNE

A longform art exhibition about the moon and the music it has inspired.

Week 5 of 28

Song: La Luna - Belinda Carlisle (1989)

This song always reminds of a holiday romance and the sweet puppy love of youth. It was the second single off the third solo album by quintessential 80's American pop star Belinda Carlisle and did just so-so on the charts.

What is far more interesting is that this was Carlisle's second successful "career" as she was the lead singer for an enormously important new wave rock/sometimes punk Californian group "The Go-Go's" from 1978 to 1985. As the first all girl group who wrote their own material and played their own instruments they were groundbreaking with such hits as "My Lips are Sealed" and for this will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in October 2021! Viva Go-Go's.!

About the art: This is one of 12 "Cosmic Postcards" harking back to Victorian style hand sewn "Wish you were here" tradition of postcard making. Interestingly this particular one was sewn during an 8 hour layover on Dubai airport in 2018! Oooh the stares I got....

Much La Luna Love



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